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Pressure Washing Fencing

Cedarburg Pressure Washing Fencing

Applying the Cleaner

Use a wood cleaner formulated for pressure washers utilizing a low-pressure soap nozzle.

Use the detergent from bottom to top.

Utilize a utility brush to scrub the service in tight corners and between deck balusters.

Apply the cleansing service, covering the width of a couple of boards with each pass.

Utilize a turning scrub brush attachment for filthy or stained areas.

Do not work on surface areas that are hot or in direct sunshine.

Permit detergent to remain on the surface you’re cleaning for the time specified by the producer.

Do not permit the cleaning agent to dry on the surface.

As soon as you have actually ended up applying the cleaner, follow the maker’s directions to flush the cleaner from the system.

Spraying Off the Cleaner

Work with the grain of the wood to spray the detergent off of the deck or fence.

When rinsing, start on top and work down to avoid streaks. Usage overlapping passes for more even cleaning.

After you’ve sprayed off the cleaner, let the deck or fence dry for 48 hours before applying a stain or sealer.

Follow the producer’s instructions for easing water pressure, eliminating liquid from the pump and correct storage.


Do not operate the pressure washer pump without the supply of water linked and turned on. Your manual might specify letting the pressure washer rest after every few minutes of use.

Pressure Washer Security

Read and follow all of the maker’s security instructions for your pressure washer. General guidelines consist of:
Know how to quickly switch off the pressure washer and release pressure from the system.

Run a pressure washer just when you’re on a stable surface where you have an excellent balance and solid footing.

Never leave a spray gun or wand unattended while the pressure washer is running.

Constantly understand where you’re directing the pressure washer spray.

When utilizing a pressure washer, or when in the vicinity of one that remains in use, always use the eye defense defined by the producer.

Never point a pressure washer spray gun or wand at individuals, animals or plants.

When utilizing cleaning chemicals, constantly follow the producer’s guidelines.

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