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Pressure Washing a Home

Cedarburg Pressure Washing Homes & Windows

Step 1: Picking a Pressure Washer

Depending on the exterior of your house, you might need to use a certain type of pressure washer to match the real estate products to the right water pressure levels.

Vinyl siding can endure an effective gas pressure washer (2,500-3,000 psi).

Aluminum, stucco or soft-grain wood homes will do better with a less powerful washer (about 1,200-1,500 psi).

Identify whether you will lease or buy your maker. If this is a small job, or you know you won’t need to own a pressure washer, we have all your rental needs in one place.

Decide if you need any accessories such as pressure washer extension wands or pressure washer telescoping wands, which are practical when cleaning two-story houses or hard-to-reach areas.

Idea: If you have a wooden deck, pressure cleaning is a choice, however follow directions to prevent harming the wood. Utilize the pressure washer at a low setting with a fan spray nozzle and check producer’s recommendations for the wood type. Do not utilize a pressure washer on a composite deck, as it can harm the decking.

Step 2: Prepare the Area and Place On Safety Equipment

A person covers landscaping with a tarpaulin.

When you have actually made your option, it’s time to prepare the area and assemble your security equipment.

Prior to you begin, eliminate or cover such items as lighting fixtures and ac system compressors to safeguard them from damage.

Utilize a tarp or plastic covering over shrubs and garden plants. Secure the tarpaulins in place with duct tape. Keep in mind the place of windows and electric outlets to ensure you prevent them while pressure cleaning.

Do not stand on a ladder when utilizing a pressure washer. The pressure might cause you to lose your balance.

Never drive water straight into spaces or fractures in your home’s outside. Spot cracks and holes in mortar and brick.

Keep your pressure washer wand a minimum of 6 feet far from electrical wires and never ever spray water into outlets. Cover electrical sockets with duct tape or close the covers prior to washing.

Pre-scrub the outside with a scrub brush or spray with a garden tube to eliminate any dirt, debris or mildew.

Never point a pressure washer at other people or animals.

Safety: Make sure to wear the proper protective gear, such as security goggles and work gloves, when pressure cleaning a home.

Step 3: Establish the Pressure Washer

A pressure washer connected to a hose.

Take these steps to establish the pressure cleaner.

Utilizing a 5-gallon water pail, mix water and a cleaning detergent with mildewcide according to the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Connect your pressure washer to your garden tube. Choose the pressure washer nozzle you plan to use and connect it to your sprayer.

Step back about 3 feet from your home and test the pressure washer against your house. Adjust your stance and spray up until you feel the pressure is strong enough to eliminate dirt or mildew without damaging the home’s outside.

Step #4: Tidy From the Bottom Up

A man pressure washes the top of his one-story home.

Now that your solution is blended and you have actually evaluated your pressure washer, it’s time to begin.

Utilizing the cleaning service, start power washing at the bottom of your home and work your way up. Working from the top down can trigger water and suds to run down the side of your home, making it more likely you’ll miss a section.

Spray in a horizontal, side-to-side motion.

When spraying roof overhangs and seamless gutters, constantly keep a 45-degree angle.

Tip: Do not power wash your house if it’s been painted with lead paint.

Step 5: End up and Let Dry

An individual pressure cleans the bottom of their siding.

Once you have actually completed pressure cleaning your home, turn off the pressure washer and disconnect it from the garden pipe.

Consult the owner’s handbook for the appropriate actions for saving the pressure washer, such as draining pipes liquid from the pump when completed.

Utilize simply the garden hose to rinse the soap from your home with plain water.

Get rid of all tarpaulins, ground cloth and duct tape.

If you prepare to paint, permit the home’s exterior to entirely dry. This generally takes about 2 days.

Learning how to press wash a home is a reliable way to ensure your home looks its best, especially if you wish to prepare it for a fresh coat of paint. You can buy a pressure washer and devices or search rental options online.

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