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Pressure Washing Patios

Cedarburg Pressure Washing Patio

Using a pressure washer is a reliable ways of getting rid of built-up grime, slime and debris from a patio, consisting of one made from brick, pavers, concrete or perhaps wood. Although typically a pressure washer can be used without ingredients of any sort, adding its blasting power to your eco-friendly cleansing arsenal, a cleaning agent can be consisted of to get rid of tough discolorations.

If you do not own a pressure washer, you can rent one from a house and garden store or specialized center. For the sake of convenience and efficiency, along with injury prevention, use a pressure washer that is only as large as you can deal with easily by yourself.

1st Step:

Clear the outdoor patio entirely, moving lawn furnishings, umbrellas, pots, plants and other decors from its surface area and out of the way. Scatter cat litter, also called cat box filler, to take in spills, oil, grease or other liquid on the outdoor patio surface. Wait up until the liquid is gone. Sweep or vacuum up the cat litter.

2nd Step:

Determine whether or not to use a pressure washer cleaning agent to get rid of stains from your patio area. Select the cleaning agent type based upon whether you use a hot-water or cold-water pressure washer. Use an injectable detergent if your pressure washer has a detergent chamber, and utilize a spray-bottle detergent if the pressure washer does not have a detergent chamber. Apply the cleaning agent to the outdoor patio surface area, or pour it into the cleaning agent chamber of your pressure washer, depending on which kind of pressure washer you utilize. Wait 10 minutes before spraying the patio area with pressure washer water if you poured cleaning agent onto the patio. Begin spraying the outdoor patio with pressure washer water immediately if you put detergent in the device’s cleaning agent chamber.

3rd Step:

Point the stream of water from the pressure washer downward at an angle toward the patio. Usage broad, sweeping movements to cover the entire patio surface area, back and forth in one direction and after that another instructions. An alternative for a large patio area is to utilize a water broom attachment, which develops an extended, fanlike spray of water from the pressure washer.

4th Step:

Concentrate on locations of dirt and gunk buildup. Direct the pressure washer’s stream of water into cracks and crevices between bricks or paving stones to clean them. An optional device to tidy really fine information is a rotary turbo nozzle attachment, which turns a pressure washer’s spray into an extremely fine, powerful stream of water.

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Whatever your pressure washing needs are, Cedarburg Pressure Washing is your answer. We will professionally pressure clean your decks & patios, driveways, entryways, your homes including windows, sheds & your business storefront.

Cedarburg Pressure Washing is a local veteran-owned business that also services Grafton, West Bend, Germantown, Menomonee Falls, Saukville, Port Washington, Jackson & Hartford.