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The other day someone asked me if I could us a pressure washer to clean windows? After some research online, I found that pressure cleaning is, in fact, among the most reliable techniques of cleaning windows If done properly, cleaning windows with a pressure washer helps in eliminating persistent discolorations, residue, mildew, and mold, and makes the widow incredibly tidy.

What steps should I require to clean my windows with a pressure washer?

Pressure cleaning may be the fastest and most reliable method of cleaning windows. However, before you start cleaning up, you need to understand how to operate the maker safely. Miss steps in the operation of the washer could cause some major problems such as window damage or other damage. Check out the instructions from the maker prior to you begin running your washer.

Following are the steps you should take when cleaning your windows using a pressure washer.

Step 1: Check the windows.

It is vital to examine the condition of your windows prior to you start cleaning due to the fact that you may end up power cleaning a window that is not in good condition. If the window requires repair work, postpone the cleaning till you repair the problems. Check for any spots that need caulking or repainting so that you do not wind up harming the exposed wood with the water force.

Action 2: Adjust the pressure prior to switching on

Before you turn the maker on, make sure the pressure is at its lowest level. The pressure ought to range in between 1,200 and 2,000 PSI.

Check the washer strength by spraying water on the ground first and adjust as needed to get the correct spray. Also, adjust the nozzle to a large angle, like 25 or 40 degrees.

Action 3: Add soap with a soaping tip

If you are going to be using an additive of some sort, this is where you would do it.

Add a multi-use soap that is specially made for power washers. Make sure the soap you utilize is safe for the product of your window frame. The wand, with an appropriate soaping suggestion, provides a stream of soapy water at the right pressure to the windows. A soaping idea is made specifically for this task.

Step 4: Apply soap using the power washer

To use soap using the washer, turn on the washer and switch on the wand. To get rid of all the dirt from the window sill, trim and glass, objective the wand at a 45-degree angle to the window. This will get rid of dirt better than aiming straight on to the window, plus you are less likely to damage the window.

Maintain a range as you spray the window according to the pressure. Work from the edge of the pane towards the center. Avoid spraying water beneath the window caulking to prevent it from coming loose.

Also, make certain to constantly keep the spray pattern horizontal with the house. You never ever want to spray in an upward pattern which might permeate the siding and or window sills from below.

Step 5: Rinse

As soon as you are finished with applying soap on the window, switch off the washer then alter the wand’s pointer to a general use’ suggestion. To efficiently eliminate the soap, set the idea at an angle in between 25 and 40 degrees.

Spray starting from the top of the window going downwards to rinse all the soap and dirt loosened by the soap service. Once all the soap and dirt comes off, leave the window to dry. Ensure you rinse the soap and dirt prior to it dries.

Preventive Measures
Much like handling any machine, you need to take specific preventative measures when operating a pressure washer. The following are a few of the safety measures you ought to take.

  • Check out the user handbook before doing anything with the washer. End up being knowledgeable about the security features of the maker.
  • Never intend the nozzle at anybody or any valuable thing as it can cause severe injuries or damage.
  • Start at a lower pressure and boost as need be. Just utilize a pressure you are comfortable with.
  • Keep a safe distance in between the surface area you are washing and the washer to avoid causing damage as you increase the pressure.
  • Make sure the nozzle tip is securely attached and locked before you push the trigger. This will avoid it from flying off and triggering damage.
  • Avoid operating at height or utilizing ladders.
  • If it is an electrical washer, ensure you plug it into a GFCI outlet that is properly grounded.
  • Engage the security locks when you are not spraying to prevent the water from accidentally spraying.
  • Do not allow kids to mess around when you are using the washer.
  • Beware when moving the washer as it can get hot after extended use.

What PSI is suggested for pressuring cleaning windows

The pounds per square inch (PSI), determines the amount of pressure that a power washer produces. Therefore, a higher PSI results in a stronger pressure. The high pressure is what removes the dirt and gunk. More pressure is required when removing harder stains or residue.

Unlike other surfaces, such as walls and floors, windows are fragile since they include delicate materials like glass and wood. Therefore, the pressure used when washing windows must be less than the pressure used in cleaning solid surfaces.

Gas or Electric? Power Washer Tips

There are two fundamental types of power washers; electrical power washers and gas washers.

Arguably, the best washer for cleaning windows is an electric washer considering that they are typically on the lower end of the PSI scale with pressures ranging in between 1000 and 2,500. This is more than adequate for the removal of all the dirt and grime from your windows.

On the other hand, the PSI of gas washers ranges between 2500 and 7000. This is a much higher PSI, perfect for tough power cleaning jobs.

What size idea on the wand should I utilize?

Washer tips generally are color coded; the red 0-degree suggestion, the yellow 15-degree pointer, the green 25-degree tip, the 40-degree white pointer and the 60 degree soaping suggestion.

The 0 degree pointer is a pin point pointer which delivers water at an extreme force. The 15 degree suggestion is a little wider, therefore has less force. Each width broader spreads the force of the water more, therefore creating less force from the spray.

The very best size of tip to utilize for cleaning up windows is the 40-degree white pointer. This is because it gives the water at a lower pressure than the other suggestions.

Will push cleaning my windows injure or break them?

Pressure cleaning your windows with the ideal pressure ought to not hurt or break your window. Nevertheless, before you begin pressure cleaning your window, ensure you completely examine the window. Keep an eye out for any broken seals or fractures. This is necessary because your window can break if you pressure wash it when it has a damaged seal or a crack.

When cleaning up windows using a pressure washer, the most affordable pressure setting is constantly the very best. This suggests that the PSI should be less than 2,000. No matter how unclean the window is, do not raise the pressure above a PSI of 2,000. In case of persistent stains or heavy grime, consider pre-washing the window initially prior to your last wash.

Always utilize a wide spray pattern when spraying the window. A wide spray pattern is safer and makes the process of cleaning your window much easier. A 40 degree idea is advised when washing windows with pressure washers. At any rate, do not go lower than a 25 degree pointer.

Never ever use a straight on spray continually in one spot. You would be focusing pressure onto one point which would increase the opportunities of the window breaking.

Likewise, instead of spraying head-on to the window, spray from the side at a 45-degree angle. Spraying from the side is not just more secure, however it also really cleans up the window much better.

Will pressure cleaning loosen the caulking on my windows?

Using high water pressure to clean your windows using a power washer has the potential to trigger damage to the caulking in your windows. Particularly if the caulking is not in the very best shape when you start.

So prior to you begin cleaning up, it is best to do a comprehensive inspection of the windows to inspect for loose and damaged caulking. If loose caulking is discovered, it is best to make repair work initially before pressure washing. This will avoid anymore damage taking place throughout the job.

As long as the caulking on your windows is sound when you start cleaning, and as long as you take the preventative measures we have actually outlined here, you should be OK.

Will it trigger any other damage to my windows?

As mentioned above, pressure cleaning your windows is safe if done properly. The most important thing is to ensure the pressure of the washer is at its lowest throughout the wash. As long as you remain under 2,000 PSI, and follow the standards we have actually established here, your window washing task must be quick, effective, and problem free.

Should I utilize water only, or should I also mix in detergents or other additives?

The water originating from the washer is strong enough to tidy most windows. However, as specified previously in this short article, you can mix in soap or other cleaning agents if you choose to or if you feel the job needs it.

After adding the soap service into the washer, spray the windows with the soapy water, then rinse. The soap breaks down and dissolves the dirt, gunk or any persistent stain you are cleaning up, thereby leaving you with only the task of rinsing the soap off.

The important thing when using cleaning agents or soap to power clean your windows is to ensure the soap you are utilizing works with the pressure washer. Check your owner’s manual initially prior to utilizing any ingredients to see if they are safe for your maker.

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